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Contributors and Applicants


Contributors to the National Nuclear Fund are mostly the licence holders for the operation of a nuclear installation, who pay financial contributions for the purpose of their later spending for the decommissioning activities, management of the radioactive waste from this decommissioning or management of the spent nuclear fuel concerning a nuclear reactor installation. Another financial resource of the Nuclear Fund is the levy paid by end users of electricity included in the price of electricity. This levy is intended for the reimbursement of costs connected with the decommissioning of nuclear power plants A1 and V1, which did not accumulate sufficient financial resources for their back-end.

Financial resources of the National Nuclear Fund can be used only for the activities related to the back-end of the nuclear power engineering, activities connected with the management of radioactive and nuclear materials of unknown origin and disused high-activity sealed radiation sources. Funding of these activities is implemented based on the applications which must be in accordance with the National Programme for the Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste in the Slovak Republic. Only the authorized applicants meeting all the conditions stated in the Act on the National Nuclear Fund may apply for financial resources of the National Nuclear Fund.

The scheme of funding of the back-end of nuclear power engineering in the SR