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Providing the Financial Resources

Decommissioning of nuclear power plants

Decommissioning of nuclear installation pursuant to the Act 541/2004 Coll. (the Atomic Act) represents activities after termination of operation, purpose of which is exemption of nuclear installation from the jurisdiction of the Atomic Act, which means that installation is not considered to be nuclear installation anymore.

Management of radioactive waste

Management of radioactive waste means collection, classification, storage, treatment, conditioning, handling and disposal of radioactive waste. The National Nuclear Fund finances activities realated to management of radioactive waste connected with decommissioning of the nuclear power plant A1 and V1.

Management of spent nuclear fuel

At present the National Nuclear Fund finances activities connected with the long-term storage of the spent nuclear fuel from the nuclear power plant V1. Moreover, NJF is responsible for financing activities for development of Deep Geological Repository.

Radioactive and nuclear materials of unknown origin

If the originator or the owner of radioactive material is unknown, a competent authority will declare it for institutional radioactive waste and costs for its management are borne by the State. The National Nuclear Fund is the guaranty of the coverage of these costs, whose reimbursement is executed from the subsidy of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic.

Guarantees for high-level sealed radiation sources

The National Nuclear Fund manages financial guarantees for high-level sealed radiation sources. Applicants for authorization for activities leading to exposure from radiation in handling with high-level sources are obliged to provide guarantee.  In case of fulfilling conditions pursuant to § 30 section 9 of the Act 87/2018 Coll., they may not to provide financial guarantee.